My name is Rob Jurewicz and I am a graphic designer interested in clear communication. When I design, my main goal is to make a piece of information accessible. It could be for a client that is trying to advertise a specific product or a personal project that involves documenting a subculture. I moved to Chicago in the fall of 2010 on and surfed couches for a while. I fairly quickly landed a job at Akoo International. A start-up out-of-home Music Video Network found in Malls and Universities all over the country.

My background outside of design is in the Action Sports world and underground Hardcore Punk scenes. Coming from an interdisciplinary background, I’m very open to working on different subjects. I’m also very mobile right now and location isn’t much of a problem for me at this time.

Please feel free to look at my LinkedIn profile here, Behance profile here, or pdf resume here